Breamore C of E Primary School
A foundation for life

‚Äč'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.'
William Butler Yeats

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is rich in experiences and opportunities for children to extend their skills of enquiry. We try to use our local surroundings to support our learning. We follow the programmes of study in the National Curriculum 2014. 

We try where possible to link up learning through over arching themes or topics. This helps to give learning a context and a purpose. We also recognise the importance of learning outside the classroom. 

We also have a learning jigsaw. This is a focus on those vital skills children need to develop to become life-long learners: team-work, creativity, curiosity, independence, planning, resilience, reflection and motivation. Each skill has a puppet that brings the quality alive for the children. 

Please see the class pages for details of what your child will be learning this half term. 
Learning about Darwin at the Search Museum
Click the link below to learn about what we cover in our curriculum:
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Helping each and every child at Breamore make good progress and achieve their full potential remains our key focus.

Science week!
Learning about fire safety in Key stage 1
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