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Reading and Phonics

​The more that you read, the more things you will know. 
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go! - Dr Seuss

​Please see below for slides corresponding to the 'Reading For Pleasure' clinic of 24th January 2018

Reading at Breamore- Key Stages One and Two
At Breamore, we place a great importance on reading and developing in children a love of reading for pleasure. ​This really has been a big focus for us in recent years. Here are some of the key steps we have taken to boost our children's passion and attainment in Reading:
  • Re-developing our Literacy curriculum to put a quality piece of children's literature at the heart of every unit we teach. Teachers find exciting ways into these texts and carefully plan a journey from the original text, to a fantastic piece of writing for all learners;
  • Creating a Reading Spine of children's fiction, full of titles from Reception to Year Six that we want all of our children to encounter during their time with us. We also have plans for a similar framework for children's poetry;
  • Renovating our library space (we call it 'The Medley', as the space is used for a diverse range of purposes, like a big medley of ingredients!);
  • Regular participation in the Hampshire Picture, Illustrated and Non-Fiction Book Awards, as well as 'Meet The Author' events;
  • Introduction of KS2 'Reading Heroes'- ambassadors who promote a love of reading through the school;
  • Parent information workshops, to foster close links between home and school and give information on fresh reading ideas and materials;
  • Introduction of new incentive schemes to boost reading regularity (KS1) and breadth (KS2). We strive for all of our children to be frequent readers for pleasure, selecting a wide range of materials- not just fiction but poetry, comics, newspapers, magazines, non-fiction and audio books.
  • Within KS2, new assessment tools for teachers to use through the year. For every year group, these help not only to identify successes within a cohort, but crucially, areas for improvement and targeted teaching opportunities.
We follow the Letters and Sounds publication as the core of our phonics provision, which is based upon the English Alphabetic Code. However, we supplement this with resources from other schemes as determined by classes or individual child need.
Letters and Sounds is divided into six phases, with each phase building on the skills and knowledge of previous learning.
Children have time to practise and rapidly expand their ability to read and spell words. They are also taught to read and spell ‘tricky words’, which are words with spellings that are unusual or that children have not yet been taught.

Follow the links below for more information and ideas for you to help your children at home.
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Meeting the author James Mayhew!
We love to read!
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